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                    Fierce people high-tech fire insulation materials co., LTD ,As fierce people group companies. Is a based on the talent, to high-tech as the guide, to innovation as the core of the company. The company has a high quality system of 5 s management team and scientific research and development team, to ensure the quality of scientific research and. Within the company to establish the national counterparts, is the first provincial enterprise technology center to buy a world-class scientific research and testing equipment, and ensure the company's ability to innovate, to ensure the quality of the products of the company, the international advanced, the domestic leading position.

                  (1) the raw material

                 The China aerospace engineering capsule of thermal insulation, fire prevention, thermal insulation materials (phenolic resin) PE materials for; Catalyst, stabilizer, surfactant, additive as auxiliary materials, through independent research and development of the whole cycle interpenetrating network synthesis process, make the production process to achieve zero emissions, is to eliminate the pollution, and improves the production efficiency, at the same time has been a sharp increase in the activity of resin.

                  (2) performance

                 Through our continuous research and development, improvement, innovation, the production of phenolic foam board: high flexibility, high obturator rate, low thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption. To achieve the effect of fire prevention, heat preservation, heat insulation, really solved the quality problem of the industry in the outstanding problems. Through the guangdong province quality supervision and inspection of fire control products inspection, burning level can reach "A1 - A" class.

                 (3) use
                  Applicable to industrial and civil construction of exterior wall thermal insulation, roof insulation, caigang sandwich, caigang watts, fire door, sandwich, pipe insulation heat preservation and heat insulation fire prevention, tanks, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, coal mine gas seal, and so on, a series of need to heat preservation, heat insulation, flame retardant sealing area.

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