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              The industrial application of heat preservation and heat insulation materials

              Author:管理員Time:2014-07-12 10:15:56 Read: 1 Times
              The coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal insulation materials used in industry tend to be more lower, the specific indicators and is closely related to the specific application requirements and industry field. Therefore, people have been looking for and research a kind of can greatly improve the heat insulation heat preservation material reflection insulation materials.
              In the 1990 s, the national aeronautics and space administration (NASA) researchers to solve the problem of spaceflight heat transfer control research and development of a new type of space reflected porcelain insulation layer (Therma - Cover), the material is made up of tiny ceramic particles in some suspended in inert latex, it has high reflectivity and high radiation rate, low coefficient of thermal conductivity, low coefficient of heat accumulation and other thermal performance, and has excellent heat insulation reflection function. The high-tech materials from spaceflight applied to people in foreign countries, and used in buildings and industrial facilities, and have been exported to China, used in some large industrial facilities. But the only fly in the ointment is that the material the expensive price of / kg is making many domestic industry looks at things buy, unbearable.
              Is also in the 1990 s, to solve the national space agency, NASA spacesuit isolated from the outside world made of new materials research and development of high and low temperature and aerogel. The material is silica aerogel. Is the density of the smallest known solid material, is by far the best material performance for keep temperature. The minimum density can be up to 3 kg/m after, coefficient of thermal conductivity at room temperature and low to 0.013 W/(m K). The nano high-tech materials have aerospace field to military civilian areas, its price also reduced to civil affordable price point. So far, the domestic production of industrial silica aerogel insulation blanket technology has relatively complete.

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