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              The development of thermal insulation materials

              Author:管理員Time:2014-07-12 10:40:35 Read: 1 Times
              The international development trend
              Today, the world is moving toward high efficiency, energy saving heat preservation and heat insulation materials, thin layer, thermal insulation, waterproof outer security integration, in the development of new type thermal insulation material and conform to the structure of heat preservation and heat insulation technology at the same time, more emphasis on targeted use heat insulation materials, according to the standard design and construction, efforts to improve the thermal efficiency and reduce cost. Are spread thin layer heat insulation coatings at home and abroad research, American companies have produced this kind of heat insulation porcelain layer coating, such as the United States the SPM of Thermo - shields, Thermal Protective Systems with Ceramic - Cover, J.H.I nternational Therma - Cover, etc.
              Domestic development trend
              Chose the coating has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and waterproof properties of silicone acrylic emulsion and waterborne fluorocarbon emulsion as film forming material, known as the space age, materials of superfine hollow ceramic particles as the packing, the hollow ceramsite more arrangement of coating composition, it to 400 ~ 1800 nm range of visible light and near infrared area for high solar heat reflection, at the same time introduced in the coating low coefficient of thermal conductivity of porous layer to isolate air heat transfer. So dramatically by strengthen the reflection of the sun's heat convection impedance, can effectively reduce the radiation heat transfer and convection heat transfer, thus reducing the thermal equilibrium temperature on the surface of the object, can reduce roof highest temperature 20 ℃, indoor temperature by 5 ~ 10 ℃. Product insulation level R - 33.3, thermal reflectivity of 89%, coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.030 W/m.K. Development trend of building heat insulation heat preservation is to save energy and improve the living environment and an important aspect of using function. Building energy consumption in the whole human as a proportion of the energy consumption in 30-40%, mostly heating and air conditioning energy consumption, building energy conservation is of great significance. And because the heat insulation coating is diluted with water as medium, do not contain volatile organic solvent, and the environment without a harm to human body; Its production costs only about 1/5 of the same products abroad, and it serves as a new type of heat insulation coatings, has the good economic efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, heat insulation effect and advantages of construction is simple and more and more get people's attention and favor. And the space adiabatic reflection coating is experiencing a by industrial adiabatic shift towards the direction of the building heat insulation is given priority to, from thick to thin layer heat insulation technology transformation, which is one of the main development direction of heat insulation materials in the future. Space by applying reflective insulation coating ceramic hollow spherical particles in the coating layer of vacuum cavity formation, build effective thermal barrier, not only its thermal resistance, low thermal conductivity, heat and high reflectivity, reduce building of solar heat absorption, decrease the temperature of coating surface and internal space, so it was a connoisseur unanimously recognized as one of the promising high efficiency and energy saving materials.

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