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              ZS - 1 high temperature resistant heat insulation coating material

              Author:管理員Time:2014-07-12 10:41:51 Read: 1 Times
              High temperature resistant heat insulation coatings are choosing the nano ceramic cenosphere, silicon aluminum fiber, all kinds of reflective materials as raw materials, temperature tolerance range - 80-80 ℃, can be directly facing the flame heat insulation, thermal conductivity is only 0.03 W/m.K, can effectively inhibit and block infrared radiation and heat conduction, heat insulation inhibition efficiency can reach 90%, inhibits the thermal radiation and heat loss of high temperature object, the low temperature object to be effective for cold and inhibit the cold environment radiant heat and cause losses, also can prevent the condensation of the object. . The space heat insulation porcelain layer is according to the aviation and aerospace control space administration NASA's space shuttle, the working principle of heat conduction, suitable for high pressure spraying, no pollution, good heat radiation, thin layer heat insulation, waterproof and anti-corrosion performance. The material has turned to the general industrial and civil heat insulation heat preservation. This materials are thin layer heat insulation reflection reflecting solar heat of coatings, heat insulation coatings, water-based reflection heat insulation coatings, prevent bask in coating, ceramic heat insulation coating and so on. Mainly USES the weathering good, strong water resistance, aging resistance is strong, has the strong cohesive force and elasticity, and reflects with thermal insulation filler, filler intermiscibility good film-forming material, choose the light hollow, high temperature resistance, heat resistance, and have good reflective and radioactive packing, high refraction coefficient, high surface finish, high thermal reflectivity and emissivity of superfine powder for reflection packing, and film-forming makings together form the low radiation heat transfer layer, can effectively partition of heat transfer. This thin layer of insulating compound use reflection coating with porous materials can be used for buildings, transport, petrochemical tank equipment, grain depot, cold storage, a container, such as pipeline coating in different places.

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