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              Green building main meaning

              Author:管理員Time:2014-07-12 11:20:24 Read: 1 Times
              The indoor environment
              Green building is emphasis on indoor environment, because KongDiaoJie mainstream ideology is to want to strive for a balance between the external environment, relationships, and the internal environment, namely the production efficiency of healthy, comfortable and building users, show different requirements.
              1.1 temperature Problem (Thermal Problem)
              First of all, thermal comfort significantly affects the work efficiency. Conventional air conditioning system can maintain indoor temperature, however, in recent years, studies have shown that indoor reach absolutely comfortable, easy to cause the "air-condition disease" problem, and large energy consumption, increase the freon to the destruction of the ozone layer. And green building requirements in addition to ensure that the overall heat balance human body, should pay attention to individual body parts, such as the head and foot of the special requirements of temperature, and the application of natural energy. In addition, often by building the great glass surface greenhouse effect can occur in the summer, and in the winter from the cold glass surface radiation effect at low temperature. Except for winter and summer air conditioning design conditions, therefore, to analyze the local climate and building interior load change on the influence of indoor thermal comfort. Best every month per hour on the air conditioning load and the influence of comfort.
              1. The Problem of 2 solar lighting, sound (Daylighting, Voice Problem)
              Similarly, indoor light environment directly affects the work efficiency and interior atmosphere. In introducing pollution-free green building, light color good daylight as the light source is part of the green light environment. But the light environment of comfortable health should include easy to watch at the same time, safe and beautiful brightness distribution, glare control and uniform illumination control, etc., so it should be according to the different time, place, adjust the light and does not affect the quality of sunshine. In addition, healthy and comfortable environment conducive to human health of body and mind. The green sound environment requirement not damage hearing and to minimize the noise source. So, usually will produce noise when the design of equipment layout in room away from the use area alone, and controls the outdoor noise level.
              1.3 Air Quality, Air Quality)
              Air quality reflects the degree to which satisfies the requirement of people to the environment. Usually the influencing factors on the quality of the AIR (AIR MOVEMENT), including AIR flow of AIR cleanliness, etc. If the air flow is not enough, people will feel uncomfortable, flow too fast will affect temperature and cleanliness. So should be according to the different environment appropriate, fresh air volume control the cleanliness of the air and the velocity to achieve a better air quality state. At the same time, effective control of indoor air pollutants is also one of the main ways to improve the indoor environment. Affect the quality of indoor air pollutants have tens of thousands of kinds. Green building thought is not only to attain recognized the pollutants concentration in air below harmful concentration index, and want to make in the interior of the vast majority of people satisfied with indoor air quality indicators.
              Outdoor environment
              Green building create the living environment, both in artificial environment, including the natural environment. In the green environmental planning, not only attaches importance to create landscape, at the same time attaches great importance to the environmental harmony ecological forestation. In the overall point of view to consider the steps and natural. Application of sustainable, in addition to building itself also includes the surrounding natural environment, effective (ecological) of domestic water use, wastewater treatment and reduction, local climatic conditions.
              2.1 green environment of regionalism (Bio - Rigionalizm)
              Green building and how to bring about local climate characteristics, economic conditions, cultural tradition to cooperate with each other, becoming the integral whole of the surrounding community. Green building as a secondary system depends on a certain region within the scope of the natural environment, with green real estate does not exist independently from the regionality of biological environment. Implementation of green building, each region's unique climatic conditions, natural resources, the existing building, social and cultural environment for humanity.
              2.2 natural ventilation
              Natural ventilation is using natural energy or don't rely on traditional air conditioning system and can still maintain the suitable way of indoor environment.
              Natural ventilation is the most easy to meet the requirements of green building, it is generally not foreign non-renewable resources, and often can save considerable amount of annual air conditioning load and achieve the goal of energy conservation and afforestation. But should make full use of natural ventilation buildings must be considered towards, spacing and layout. South, for example, is the winter solar radiation and summer most lack of direction, and the dominant wind direction in summer in many parts of the country for the southeast, so improve the natural ventilation in summer room thermal environment and reduce the winter heating room air conditioning load, the south is the best choice for building. In addition, the building height is has a great influence on natural ventilation, the general high-rise building is good for its own indoor natural ventilation. And at different heights of buildings combined, high and low buildings staggered arrangement is advantageous to the low-rise buildings ventilation, low rise buildings within the scenic area in high-rise building by high-level cyclotron eddy current effect of the protected area, good indoor ventilation.
              Natural ventilation and is an important means of environmental greening, is the introduction of cooler than room temperature low outdoor air and give a person feel a kind of simple type of energy saving air conditioning. A green environment is most common ways of Supply air HVAC with Floor board air Supply mode (Floor the HVAC System named "Supply").

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