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              Three big questions of green architecture

              Author:管理員Time:2014-07-12 11:21:21 Read: 2 Times
              Low carbon buildings need to adjust measures to local conditions
              Should grasp the soul of adjust measures to local conditions, taking the road suitable for the situation of low carbon, leave this, other have no way. The poor and the rich, have their own happiness, but the poor cannot take the rich way to create your own happiness. Through natural ventilation, daylighting, palisade structure, and the wall thermal insulation layer thickening, let the cold air outside into do not come, the heat inside out, so it can reduce indoor energy consumption. Window of high heat transfer coefficient, is a key link. So to do multiple cavity window, outer can low emissivity coating, the sun radiation heat reflection.
              China's low carbon model should be how to develop?
              Technology professional committee of China architectural society ﹑ director, school of architecture, tsinghua university professor de-xiang li: at present there is a tendency that is what I also use what you use. Technology is not high and low, as long as suitable for local, is practical technology, there will be a local characteristics, can avoid the thousand city side. In addition to solve the problem of indoor environment control. According to different regions, different requirements, to consider in the building profile design, be conducive to daylighting, ventilated. Architects to be a green building design, some architects think that green building should be responsible by hvac personnel to design, this is clearly wrong, because the passive technology is a basic skills of the architect. We only and hvac personnel, asking them to improve the utilization rate of air conditioning equipment, to form a more efficient results.
              The scale of the green building embodied in where?
              A city to have vitality, charm, green building is the best image and vernacular architecture. Energy usually appears on the consumer, business to be developed, leisure culture. Beauty of the city depends on the city's profile if there is any order, and the scale is pleasant and friendly. Most people concern focused on the construction of two floor. If must build high-rise, should use the trees keep out, this city is attractive. City, of course, depends on the historical and cultural charm of the precipitation is rich, and the natural landscape is beautiful. Has the vigor and charm, talent will be gathered, is an empty city, die city or city, use efficiency is low, become a high carbon city. So efficient is low carbon.

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